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MYCOmmunity - Applied Mycology and Learning Lab

Mycology 101

Wed, 31 Jul 2024
31-07-2024 18:00
11-09-2024 19:30

This online course covers the fundamental aspects of mycology and fungal ecology. Classes will be live and recorded for people to re-watch later.

  • Fundamentals of biology
  • Fungal diversity and different types of fungi
  • How to identify fungi
  • Roles of fungi in the ecosystem including as decomposers and 
  • How fungi interact with other organisms including relationships with plants and animals

The course will run for 7 weeks and each class is around 1-1.5 hours long including Q and A. The classes will be on Wednesday evenings from 6:00pm-7:30(ish)pm.

Your teachers

Ema Corro is a founding member and coordinator of Mycommunity Applied Mycology. She has over a decade experience cultivating mushrooms and has researched mycomaterials and their properties at RMIT. Her main area of interest is fungal ecology and how it relates to land management and has contributed to the Fungi for Land project. She also has experience using environmental DNA to monitor fungi. She is currently studying a Master of Environmental Science and Management at UNE looking at using fungivorous animal scats to promote mycorrhizal fungi and plant-health in revegetation areas.

Emily McIntyre is a graduate of a Masters of Ecosystem Management and Conservation, where her thesis explored the effect of biotic and environmental variables on soil fungi across an elevational gradient. She is currently undertaking a PhD at the University of Melbourne, where she is studying the diversity and ecology of hypogeous fungi in south-eastern Australia. Her research explores the distribution and diversity of these fungi and their mutualistic relationship with the endangered Long-Footed Potoroo. She is also currently undertaking research through MYCOmmunity's Wild Fungi DNA Project to examine the effect of storm damage on soil fungi within Wombat Forest. Emily is most interested in learning about the interactions that fungi have with plants, animals, and abiotic factors, to better understand how ecosystems function.

Melvin Xu Researcher at University of Melbourne on Entomopathogenic fungi, Vice President & volunteer at MYCOmmunity and Coordinator of the Fungi Group of Field Naturalist Club Victoria. Working in Council, Landcare, and volunteer groups, begun his home propagation from his own Australian Native Terrestrial Orchids and their symbiotic fungi. With his own stock of fungi and seeds hope to develop new protocols to include fungi into local nursery and future conservation of native Orchids.

For more info email mycommunity@myco.org.au

MYCOmmunity is an NFP and all profits from these courses help keep our community lab open and fund citizen-science projects.

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