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Copy of copy of fungal dna sequencing

DNA sequencing for citizen science

Tue, 18 Oct 2022
18-10-2022 18:30
29-11-2022 19:30

DNA sequencing for citizen-scientists

This mixed-delivery course will teach you all you need to get started using DNA technology for environmental research in home or community laboratories. 

  • OH&S and environmental ethics
  • Biology basics
  • Laboratory techniques
  • DNA sequencing
  • Identification and species relationships
  • Environmental DNA
  • New technologies
  • Optional 2 day laboratory prac session (weekend of October 29th and 30th)

The course is suitable for everyone from beginners to those with some university background in biology and genetics.

This course is focussed on fungal DNA, however the techniques used are widely applicable and modifications for use with other organisms will be discussed.

The course will be pre-recorded, with live Q and A sessions from 6:30pm Tuesdays AEST from October 18 to November 22 (November 29 is a spare class incase we need it). Classes will be released weekly starting October 11. The practical session is optional and will take place at Mycelium Lab in Melbourne, Victoria. Numbers at the prac session are limited.


Course modules and timetable:

1. Introduction and biology basics :
Q & A October 18, 6:30pm online
Introduction to genetic sequencing
What you might use DNA technologies for and their limitations
Good sources of information
What is DNA, how does it work and what role it plays in the cell

2. Sample collection
Q & A October 18, 6:30pm online
Permits and ethical collecting
Taking and recording specimens for herbariums/fungariums
How to collect and save a DNA sample for later sequencing

3. Practical work with DNA
Q & A October 25, 6:30pm online
DNA extraction
Primers and DNA amplification
Polymerase chain reaction
Gel electrophoresis
Home lab equipment

4. Sequencing different regions
Q & A November 1, 6:30pm online
Sequencing options
Different regions in the genome
Primer design

5. Interpreting results
Q & A November 8, 6:30pm online
Using online databases
How to interpret sequencing results

6. Phylogenetics
Q & A November 15, 6:30pm online
Interpreting sequencing results
Genetic relationships between species
Building family trees of species

7. Intro to eDNA and Next-gen sequencing
Q & A November 22, 6:30pm online
Enivornmental DNA
Isothermal amplification techniques
Next generation sequencing

8. Extra session (if needed)
Q & A November 29, 6:30pm online
Spare session incase any others are postponed or we need more Q & A time

Optional practical session (weekend October 29 and 30):
Day 1:
DNA extraction
DNA amplification
Day 2:
Gel electrophoresis
Fun with LAMP

Tickets are available to anyone who fits the requirements for the specific tickets (member, concession, etc).

Funded ticket:
This $200 ticket is partially funded. Unfortunately the funding is only available to people who are over 16, live in Victoria and agree to fill in relevant forms and provide proof of residency.

We can also make payment plans or other special arangements for people who need them. Please contact us at mycommunity@myco.org.au for further info.

Ticket Type Price
Online + prac: full price $500.00 Sale Ended
Online + prac: myco members $400.00 Sale Ended
Online + prac: concession $320.00 Sale Ended
Online + prac: myco concession $270.00 Sale Ended
Online only: full price $300.00 Sale Ended
Online only: myco members $240.00 Sale Ended
Online only: concession $200.00 Sale Ended
Online only: myco concession $162.00 Sale Ended
Online + prac funded: *See conditions above for eligibility $200.00 Sale Ended

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